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RS232 M2M CDMA2000 1x EV-DO industrial wireless ac
RS232 M2M CDMA2000 1x EV-DO industrial wireless ac
Product Introduction
Product Description


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Package size: 298*226*60mm Weight: 0.41kg Europe standard package
Delivery Detail: 1 working day


industrial wireless access point
1. Support languages sending & receiving
2. Compatible with IS-95 A/B, IS-2000 and 1XEV-DO

RS232 M2M CDMA2000 1 x EV-DO industrial wireless access point


I. Introduction

Caimore 3G MODEM is a standard industrial design wireless device (type: CM830) which is based on

CDMA2000 1xEV-DO SMS platform and embedded with industrial 3G wireless module. It has the function of

sending and receiving Chinese and English short message and also has wireless internet function.

It provides serial RS232 standard interface to achieve the function of sending and receiving short message

by directly connecting with the user's devices. CM830 has been widely used in financial transactions,

water conservancy, post transactions, smart grid, environmental monitoring, meteorological monitoring, etc.



Product interface diagram


RS232 M2M CDMA2000 1x EV-DO industrial wireless access point



Accessories photos


RS232 M2M CDMA2000 1x EV-DO industrial wireless access point





II. Wireless parameter


1.Can be Compatible with IS-95 A/B, IS-2000 and 1XEV-DO(Revision 0 and A).

2.Transmit / Receive Frequency Interval:45MHz for Cellular and 80MHz for PCS

3.Transmit Frequency Range: 824.04 ~ 848.97 MHz for Cellular and 1851.25 ~ 1908.75MHz for PCS

4. Receive Frequency Range: 869.04 ~ 893.97 MHz for Cellular and 1931.25 ~ 1988.75MHz for PCS

5.Number of Channel 832 for Cellular and 42 for PCS

6.Frequency Stability ±300Hz for Cellular and ±150Hz for PCS

v Data rate EVDO:

Downlink (up to 3.1Mbps)

Uplink (up to 1.8Mbps)

v Support DTMF

v Support the function of receiving and sending Chinese and English short message, and wireless internet function

v Standard AT command


III. Technical index


v Standard RS232 serial port, serial speed rate 110~230400BPS

v Indicator: POWER and on-line indicator

v Antenna interface: Standard SMA female interface, 50 ohm

v SIM card interface: 1.8V/3V standard putter user card interface

v Power interface: Standard 3-pin power jack

v Voice interface: Standard headset interface (requires software)

2. Power supply:

v External power supply: DC 9V 500mA

v Wide voltage design: DC5-35V

v Communication current: 250mA

v Standby current: 20mA

3. Industrial wireless module

4. Size

v Product dimensions : 81*55*20 mm ( not including the antenna and the fixed parts)

v Package size: 298*226*60mm

5. Weight


6. Other parameters:

v Operating temperature: -25 °C ~+65°C

v Storage temperature: -40~+85oC

v Relative Humidity: 95 %( No condensation )


V. Powerful Function 1.Supports Chinese, English and other language, digital text messages sending and receiving, supports SMS alert.

2.Provides VB / VC / C # / DEPHI dynamic link library DLL and test procedures for easy development and

software integration

3.Industrial design, strong anti-interference ability and stable system are very suitable for being used in industrial


4.Excellent low-temperature and high temperature performance

5.Easy to use, flexible and reliable

6.Support WINDOW / LINUX operating system


V. The typical applications


RS232 M2M CDMA2000 1x EV-DO industrial wireless access point


RS232 M2M CDMA2000 1x EV-DO industrial wireless access point



VI. Certification and Honor




The enterprise was awarded "Best Supplier of Customer Satisfaction in China's Industrial

Control Sector" in 2011; Company's GPRS DTU product was named "Innovation Award"


High-tech enterprises

Certified as state high-tech enterprises in 2010

Dual Soft Enterprise

certified as state dual-soft enterprise


The company has a patented technology to keep the device stable and eight copyrighted

software certificate


nine regional offices to provide customers with convenient services

Registered Capital

registered capital 5 million; high-tech enterprise supported by Xiamen City

Historical Precipitation

11 years industry R & D accumulation and application


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